CHILDREN’S PAINTING COMPETITION entitled “Maritime and Shipping Through the Eyes of Children”
The main target of the competition is to promote children’s awareness about maritime and shipping. Children will describe in their paintings how they imagine sailors’ work at sea. Only children from the families of CMS fleet crew members are encouraged to take part in the painting competition. The winners will be awarded, and the selected paintings will be used for company’s corporate printing and promotional materials (calendars, greeting cards, etc.).

Entry rules and conditions:

  1. Children will compete in 3 age groups: between the age of 6 and 8, 9 -11 and 12-14.
  2. Size of painting: Paintings must be done on A4 papers.
  3. Style of painting: free – crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, etc.
  4. Paintings that have been shown or accepted elsewhere will not be accepted in this competition.
  5. Paintings should be done without other’s assistance.
  6. On left top of the backside of the paintings child’s name, surname, father’s name, age and contact numbers should be written. Paintings should be submitted to the CMS main office at Natig Aliyev street-38A, in A4 envelopes, not later than 15 November 2016. Paintings that submitted later than this date are not accepted for competition.

Selection of Winners:

Winners will be selected through a fair and impartial selection by the organizers.